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Welcome! Bienvenidos! This is the page of TCEA Radio Contributor, Miguel Guhlin. Connect via Twitter @mguhlin or Voxer @mguhlinBelow, please find my latest contribution to TCEA2016 Radio! Find out more about TCEA Radio! (Hint: Get the app for iOS or Android first!)
“This is Miguel Guhlin on TCEARadio with a FUN FIND…Find great stuff on your mobile device? Curate your content with two iOS/Android friendly apps, Evernote and Everclip. Find links online to them at http://tinyurl.com/tcea16 via TCEA16 Radio page. These easy to use apps enable easy content clipping, and make content simple to share. Don’t forget to follow the #TCEA16 hashtag for more great finds.”

See more online at : http://tinyurl.com/tcea16radio 

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