#TCEA16 - Avoid Carrying Paper, Scan Paper to PDF

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Welcome! Bienvenidos! This is the page of TCEA Radio Contributor, Miguel Guhlin. Connect via Twitter @mguhlin or Voxer @mguhlinBelow, please find my latest contribution to TCEA2016 Radio! Find out more about TCEA Radio! (Hint: Get the app for iOS or Android first!)

“This is Miguel Guhlin on TCEA Radio! Don’t want to carry all those great handouts from presenters and exhibit hall solution providers? Then don’t! Get the one of these apps for easy scanning of paper documents, save them to Dropbox or GoogleDrive! 

My favorites scanning apps for iOS include the cheap $.99 iScanner, Readdle’s Scanner Pro ($2.99). 

For Android, try CamScanner. Share what you can scan via a blog, Dropbox or Google Drive and add the hashtag #TCEA16 ! Find out more at http://tinyurl.com/tcea16

See more online at : http://tinyurl.com/tcea16radio 

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