Signed Up for @TCEA #TECSIG Spring Meeting?

One of my favorite aspects of the #GrowthMindset is the idea you can add "...yet" to the end of something you haven't accomplished yet. For example....

"I haven't signed up for the TCEA TEC-SIG SPRING MEETING...yet."

"I haven't looked at the agenda...yet."

"I'm not committed to learning from great people like Doug Johnson...yet."

"My district is worried that I won't learn anything at an unconference scheduled at the TECSIG Spring Meeting. I haven't told them how wrong they are...yet."

"I'm broke, I need to stop buying Starbuck's coffees so I can afford the low-cost of TECSIG membership and meeting registration. I haven't stopped...yet."

You get the idea, right?

"I haven't signed up for TECSIG Spring Meeting...yet. But I plan to ASAP!"

Register for the TECSIG Spring Meeting Taking Place in Austin, Texas at TCEA Headquarters on April 14-15, 2016!

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doug0077 said…
Glad to hear people YET have time to register. I am excited about my visit! Doug

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