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Ok, obviously, I'm getting more interested in content curation. Since I'm using my iPad more and more, it's natural to ask, how does one accomplish content curation? While there are many tools available, here's the current crop of tools to curate and read content. And, yes, I've added them to my must-have iPad apps list already.

    1. Curating:
      1. EverNote (no cost) - This is the best app on the iPad, IMHO, with its note-taking capabilities that include still images, audio and more. I simply love this app. If I find out that upgrading will result in saving EverNote content to my iPad for offline viewing, then I will happily pay for it.
      2. Pinterest (no cost) - "Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find in your life."
      3. LiveBinders (no cost) - If you've played with Livebinders, you'll know how it works. This app allows you to view and edit existing LiveBinders. If not, check some Livebinders out!
      4. Pearltrees (no cost) - A nice visual interface that allows you to create trees of content you like, share it, and allow others to contribute/curate with you.
    2. Reading Other's Curation (all no cost)
      1. Zite A phenomenal app enabling you to read content from everywhere. I love that you can drop content into section topics, exposing you to content you didn't know existed about stuff you are interested in!
      2. Flipboard - This incredible app turns RSS feeds into beautiful magazines you can flip through easily. Some other possibilities: Flud
      3. Taptu - More magazine goodness on your iPad, but not based on social media. Some other possibilities in this category include Zinio.
      4. News360 - Access news on your iPad. Other competitors include News.MePulse.
      5. Showyou Video Curation - Shows you video content. Hmm. 
Trying to do some of your curation via the browser on an iPad? You'll want to read this comparison of the best sharing iPad browsers!

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Unknown said…
Pocket ( is a pretty good app for content curation as well. I use it in combination with Flipboard to save things for later use and reading.
I mention those tools too, however I've put them in a different process. Take a look here...When Educators Become Curators Cheers, J
Dave Ferguson said…
I am a big fan of Evernote for organizing things important to me. In the Windows version, you can save searches and even create toolbar buttons for them. Combine with tagging, and you've got something very powerful.

Thanks in no small part to this post by Ruud Hein, I reduced the number of notebooks (used to have one per project) but increased effectiveness.

I now create a special tag for each project, beginning it with an underscore as my convention for project tags. All projects go into a PROJECT notebook. Reference stuff, for a project or otherwise, goes into a REFERENCE notebook.

I can then create and save a search for all notes for a project, regardless of notebook (e.g., tag:_XYZproposal).

I also begin by creating what I call a project page -- a kind of note to myself where I record the name of the project, its goal, its timeframe, etc. I tag this with its own project tag (e.g., _ABCjobaid) and a tag used to ID project pages (the clever "ProjectPage").

That means I can search just for project pages (to give me a quick overview). I will also tag project pages with tags like "work," "home," "active," "archived" to let me do finer searching and sorting.
kherbert said…
I love Zite and Evernote. I love that I can save information from Zite to evernote.

I set up a notebook for each year's students and take notes about my observations. I have an Ipad2 so I can take pictures of their work, record students reading, video students explaining their work.
Miguel Guhlin said…
@Joyce, Great preso! I like the ideas and will steal some (with credit given of course)!! My favorite one is Moodle as a mixing panel.

Content curation is a lot simpler for's just a way to manage the water from the hydrant, to divert it and irrigate the arid areas of people's lives.

With appreciation,
Miguel Guhlin

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