Backing Up GoogleDocs via Linux #CLI (Updated)

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Although it's pretty straightforward to backup GoogleDocs these days, I decided I wanted to type some esoteric command and have it download all my GoogleDocs...I could set this up to run automatically, too. 

Not surprisingly, someone else has already figured this out. These are my notes on their process...that works! Yay!

Step 1 - Install right stuff (BTW, I am on Lubuntu 11.10)
sudo apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-winforms2.0-cil mono-devel
Step 2 - Download GDocBackup
You want the file available here (there's a Windows version, too!)
Step 3 - Unzip the zip file to your home directory (/home/username/gdoc)
unzip GDoc*
and put files in your /home/username/gdoc folder

Step 4 - Make a data folder to store your googledocs
mkdir /home/username/gdoc/data
Step 5 - Switch to the gdoc folder
cd ~/gdoc
Step 6 - Customize the Command Line options to Run the GDocBackup
mono ./GDocBackupCMD.exe -mode=backup -bypassHttpsCertChecks -username=YourUsername -password=YourPassword -destDir=/home/username/gdoc/data/ -docF=pdf -sprsF=csv -presF=ppt -drawF=pdf
Other command line options are available online here.

That's pretty much it! Your files will start to download. My files are in process. My only concern is the password being sent over cleartext . And, of course, there are other ways to get a zipped file of your GoogleDocs.

You can see what the files/folders look like in general with this screenshot:
Some folder titles have been pixelized/blurred.
One problem I see with this approach is that word processing documents get pulled down as PDFs rather than Word Docs or open document (ODF). I wonder if changing the option -docF=pdf to -docF=odf would work. The benefit is obviously that you'd be able to edit your Word documents using a free, open source program like AbiWord or LibreOffice.

Update: Apparently, changing -docF=pdf to -docF=odf does NOT work, but this option does:
The revised command would be as follows:
mono ./GDocBackupCMD.exe -mode=backup -bypassHttpsCertChecks -username=YourUsername -password=YourPassword -destDir=/home/username/gdoc/data/ -docF=doc -sprsF=csv -presF=ppt -drawF=pdf
Hoping this is helpful!

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