Classroom Walkthroughs with HEAT

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Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T. Workshop

Achieving academic success on the new STAAR is not a single
solution, but requires a series of complementary strategies,
frameworks, and resources aimed at improving student
achievement. Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T. monitor
these processes as part of a unified school
improvement model that delivers significant results.
(See White Paper on Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T.)

Software included in Workshop Price
Each administrator who attends the Eduphoria/LoTi Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T. workshop will leave with the H.E.A.T. Observation add-on to the Eduphoria PDAS application to conduct H.E.A.T. (Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections, Technology use) Walkthroughs in K-12 classrooms on a handheld device. (Approximate value $100.)

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Patricia Startz said…
I have administrators that are very interested in this type of workshop. They would go to San Antonio, Corpus, or Victoria, maybe Austin- but they cannot manage Irving. Can you get this group to hold a workshop in San Antonio?

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