A Voice from the Past - Dave Moursound

Many years ago, when I read every one of ISTE's The Computing Teacher from cover to cover, there was one name that seemed to pop up in every publication I read--Dave Moursund. In truth, I never imagined I would ever make contact with him...he was like Doug Johnson and other greats that you read but never imagine you'll shake hands with or connect with. However, Dave Moursund had a profound impact on my early years as an educational technologist...consider his own description below:
In 1974 I established a periodical titled Oregon Computing Teacher. In 1979 this became The Computing Teacher when I established the International Council for Computers in Education (ICCE). In 1989 ICCE merged with International Association for Computers in Education and changed its name to International Society for Technology in Education. In May 1995 the name of the flagship periodical changed from The Computing Teacher to Learning and Leading with Technology.
Wow, that's amazing!

And, while I've managed to make contact with Doug Johnson, even to the point of calling him a friend--what else do you call someone whose advice you take and judgement you trust?--I never imagined Dave Moursund and I might connect. Imagine my surprise when I received the following message via Facebook with a plea no writer, no blogger can say "no" to:

My life continues to be fun, interesting, and productive. Last fall I started the Information Age Education Blog in order to have another vehicle for communicating my ideas about how to improve education. The IAE Blog now has 90 entries and has had well over 15,000 hits.
Recently I have been doing a lot of reading and writing about brains science and cognitive neuroscience. I have been attending a seminar being run by Helen Neville (a leader in cognitive neuroscience), and that has been quite stimulating. (She has produced a great video, available online at http://changingbrains.org/.) I also am continuing my interest in Math education and ICT in education. See my recent IAE Blog entries:
Brain science and cognitive neuroscience for children and teachers athttp://i-a-e.org/iae-blog/brain-science-and-cognitive-neuroscience-for-children-and-teachers.html
A technology developmental line, and applications to math education at http://i-a-e.org/iae-blog/a-technology-developmental-line-and-applications-to-math-education.html
ICT integrated into the discipline content areas at http://i-a-e.org/iae-blog/ict-integrated-into-the-discipline-content-areas.html
I would appreciate anything you can do to help my writings reach more people.

Ah, if any writer has a desire, it is to help their writings be useful to an ever-growing audience.

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