#TCEA 2011 Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year

Stephanie Correa Ratliff, San Antonio ISD Technology Integration Facilitator
Selected by the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) as the
2011 Recipient of the Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year Award

What a thrill it was to get the phone call on a Friday afternoon. No, no, the call wasn't for me, but when the phone rang that afternoon and I heard Jennifer Bergland (TCEA) on the other end, I just knew it wasn't about TCEA advocacy efforts. Somehow, I knew, deep down, that the call was about Stephanie Correa Ratliff, one of my awesome team becoming a finalist for the TCEA 2011 Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year.

Recognizing Stephanie's commitment to the organization, her willingness to leap tall buildings in a single-bound, I started the nomination process. It had hung on me, an item on the to-do list that just wasn't quite ready. However, when the work began, it all came together. Mateen Diop, Stephanie's principal where she taught fourth grade to "her boys" at Hirsch Campus, wrote a letter. Others quickly wrote their own letters of recommendation.

No one succeeds alone, yet recognition of Stephanie's efforts validate the work of her teammates and others who have supported her at home and work, a sentiment she expressed, remembering her first class of 4th grade students.

At the ceremony earlier this evening, I was thrilled to hear the nomination paragraph read by Cindy Gault:

Ms. Correa worked as a fourth grade classroom teacher in the San Antonio ISD, blending technology into her work. Her work, considered exemplary by the campus principal, brought her to the attention of District staff who hired for the position of Technology Integration Facilitator. This position has enabled Ms. Correa to apply her classroom instructional practices to instructional design of professional learning opportunities for adult learners.
More importantly, her “Get ‘er done!” attitude has had a profound impact on the efficacy of ePlan Strategy implementation.

And, here are the letters of recommendation:
  • View Letter from Miguel Guhlin, Director of SAISD’s Instructional Technology and Learning Services (ITLS) Office
  • View Letter from Mateen Diop, Principal, Hirsch Campus, SAISD
  • View Letter from Tonya Mills, Technology Integration Coordinator
  • View Letter from Molly Valdez, Virtual Learning Coordinator

What a thrill to see Stephanie Correa Ratliff, her teammates, and her District get such wonderful recognition from the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). As Candace Threadgill (TCEA) said, "Look around. Of all the educators in Texas, you have been chosen carefully to be in this room." Even to be a finalist, you have achieved what few in Texas have. The thrill was particularly exciting as her Mom yelled, "Go Stephanie!" and her husband (newly-weds!!) stood proud nearby.

But then, Stephanie wasn't just a finalist...Stephanie Correa Ratliff IS TCEA 2011 Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year!!

Stephanie Correa and Miguel Guhlin

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