Screencasting Apps Update (Revised 6/30/2013)

Updated: Now includes Mac, Windows, and UbuntuLinux

Recently, a few technology directors were sharing their favorite screencasting/capture tools. Be sure to check out this link to Russell's Teacher Training Videos.

My top 3 favorite tools include the following:
  1. BB Flashback Express (Windows only) for longer than 5 minute videos.
  2. Record Your Desktop (UbuntuLinux) for unlimited video recording. You'd be surprised how often I find myself using this one!
  3. SnagIt ($29.95) (cost of license for educators includes BOTH the Mac and Windows version!). Read about changes to Jing Pro here.
What can I say? I'm always on the lookout for no-cost for educators.

No Cost
  1. BB Flashback Express - allows for saving to Flash or AVI video formats, unlimited recording time, and is free for Windows computers. 
  2. CamStudio - a free Windows only tool. Records to AVI and SWF video formats.
  3. QuickTime - allows you to do screen-recordings.
  4. Record Your Desktop - This is an UbuntuLinux friendly recorder (a few more here). To get it going, follow these steps:
    • sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop (creates OGV video format)
    • sudo aptitude install mencoder (this allows you to convert OGG to AVI video format)
    • Once installed, you can control it via a GUI interface or at the command line, type recordmydesktop then press Ctrl-C to stop it from recording.
  5. ScreenCast-o-matic - A free cross-platform, java-based screenrecording tool. An alternative tool is
  6. Windows Media Encoder - works on windows and saves to AVI video format.
  7. Wink - Although not a perfect tool to use, it can be used for screencapture.
For Cost
  1. Camtasia for Macintosh or Windows - Multi-purpose. Quite nice tool!
  2. SnagIt ($29.95) - allows for saving video files to MP4. The MP4 video format can be edited or easily converted, as well as uploaded to YouTube. I highly recommend this product; well-worth the investment since the license you purchase is cross-platform (e.g. Mac, Windows).
What's my recommendation? SnagIt is worth the price, although you can get by with the other tools (Screentoaster) as well.

Be sure to consider that you need to find tools that export to a video format you can edit and convert with available tools.

Here are some common conversion tools you can install on your Computer:
  1. MPEG StreamClip (Mac and Windows)
  2. Format Factory (Windows only) - converts proprietary PhotoStory WMVs to MP4
  3. WinFF (Windows/Linux) - works OK but doesn't measure up to FormatFactory in usage
  4. ffmpegX (Mac only in this incarnation, although you can find FFMPEG as FOSS but it's command line in unless you install other tools)
  5. Miro Video Converter Free - (Mac and Windows) ...convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora, or for Android, iPhone, and more.
  6. Transmageddon (Linux)
Online Video Converters
  1. Online Convert

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