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"How about if we move the weights downstairs into the family room along with the trampoline?" asked my wife earlier today.
"Of course, honey," I replied, and when she returned from grocery shopping for the week, in the place of the Xmas tree were the weights and trampoline (next to the treadmill).

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It's no surprise that New Year's Resolutions involve losing weight, although I've been trying to get to my target weight since this summer (that involves losing about 30 pounds) and I've made great progress! I had a laugh noticing that Steve Dembo has gotten quite a few folks excited about Fit42 challenge.
One of the lessons I learned this summer about daily exercise--a lesson which evaded me most of my life--is that you win this battle a little bit at a time. One to two hours of swimming involve losing yourself in the moment. Now, it's the start of the 8th month since I started daily exercises--swimming, walking, weights--and I'm shocked that I feel incomplete unless I do it. "You're obsessed," my family will remark as I jump on the treadmill while watching TV.

My daily routine includes walking a little over 2.5 miles, sometimes 3, and trying to watch what I eat MOST of the time. I try to adjust my exercise routine based on what I THINK I know, "Oops, that chocolate shake just fell onto my tray at lunch time!"

But having more information is always good. That's why I was thrilled to take TechieThomas (Denise Thomas) recommendation via Plurk and try out's Calorie Counter app (read a review) for my Android phone. After filling out a few questions, I'm now able to keep track of what I'm eating, the number of carbs and calories, and get specific recommendations!

What impressed me about adding items to the food diary was that they had Goya beef empanadas, which my Mother made for me over Christmas. Goya is a special shell that the beef is placed in and you have to buy it special at the Latin Market store...but MyFitnessPal had it in their searchable database of foods!
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I haven't eaten much today, but thought I'd done current weight is 210 (although folks tell me I don't look that heavy) and my desired weight is 180, if not a little less. I'm fortunate that I don't have any outstanding medical conditions and rated well in a health assessment at the start of the school year. So, my goal is simply to get down to "fighting trim."

That's pretty awesome to have that information at your fingertips wherever you are. And, if you don't want to type stuff up on your Android, you can always do it from a computer.

Update: Other free services that help you track your workouts include the following:
  1. (contributed by bigkage) with free android app
  2. (contributed by bigkage) with free app for your phone

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