Glogster Video Tutorials

Terry Roberts shared the following Glogster project via the Google-Certified Teachers list. More importantly, perhaps, he shared a variety of tutorials introducing Glogster (digital poster maker that allows embedding of a variety of media) and Dipity (a free digital timeline tool).

Thanks to Terry for his hard work and sharing....
  1. Create a Glog Project - From his instructions...."For this project you are to pick a person that you admire, or respect, or maybe you just want to know more about him or her. You will be creating a Glog - an interactive poster that includes pictures, graphics, links, video, quotes, and more - about the person, as well as a digital timeline highlighting events in his or her life. Your Glog will be posted where other students and teachers can view them; and, you can view other people’s Glogs as well."
  2. List of video tutorials for Glogster:

                    See it all in context on Terry Roberts GoogleDocs page!

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