Enough Already

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Over the holidays, I had a chance to reflect on how bad everything is going to be between now and 2012. After all, you can't beat the end of the world on Winter Solstice, right? The way the economy is being described, we'll all be begging in the streets, out of a job...the 2012 Apocalypse will put an end to world hunger, world bank, and global debt. What can be bad about that?

On a more serious note, there's a better question to ask. It's a question that keeps coming to mind and is one of those that I hope all of us get a working response to beyond, "Make it up yourself." It's a question that is suggested anytime one reads a dire prediction like the one below:

Millions of workers who have already been unemployed for months, if not years, will most likely remain that way even as the overall job market continues to improve, economists say. The occupations they worked in, and the skills they currently possess, are never coming back in style. And the demand for new types of skills moves a lot more quickly than workers — especially older and less mobile workers — are able to retrain and gain those skills.
There is no easy policy solution for helping the people left behind. The usual unemployment measures — like jobless benefits and food stamps — can serve as temporary palliatives, but they cannot make workers’ skills relevant again.
Source: Catherine Rampell (NYTimes) via Dr. Scott McLeod's MindDump

The question going around in my head, "What 'new types of skills' do my children need to have to to make it in today's/tomorrow's economy?" It's quickly becoming THE most important question.

Or, maybe you know of a better one?

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blognoxious said…
The important thing to understand isn't what you know, but having access to learning the trends that will come and go in future, AND to be flexible enough to understand that what you do for work right now ISN'T what you will be doing for the rest of your life. I am approaching 50 and will be getting yet another Master's degree in Instructional Design because that is the way the wind blows... today. As the Beatles (that was the group Paul McCartney was in before Wings...), Tomorrow never knows.
What do you mean "who's Paul McCartney"?!?!?
Miguel Guhlin said…
@Blognoxious, you're too funny! I'm amazed to be 42 since I certainly don't feel it...until I start getting sleepy when I once stayed up. No problem, though...working out and taking naps helps with that.

You sound like a lifelong learner...what happens when you don't have the money to pursue another education, which is where I bet many of our teachers are?

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