Embedding a Forum

If you don't have access to your own Moodle, or if you need to embed a forum on a web site or wiki, then consider this solution suggested by Josh Sowash (The Electric Educator):
One of the features that I think Google Sites is lacking is threaded discussions. It's very difficult to run a discussion board through Google Sites. My school uses Wikispaces as our online learning space. Granted, we setup our wiki before Google Sites was around. If we had to do it again it would be a much tougher decision.

To solve the problem of running a discussion board through Sites I have been using a Tal.ki gadget (http://tal.ki/). It's a third party solution, but it integrates well. One thing that I really like about Tal.ki is that you can authenticate using your Google Account login and password. That's one less account that students need to register for and that I have to administrate.

The integration part is nifty...
Your forum will be integrated with FacebookTwitterGoogle, and other services so members can skip registration.

get your own embeddable forum with Talki

Try it out.

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