Batch Convert Word DOC to RTF

Working with a lot of Word documents and want to convert them all to another format like Rich Text Format (RTF) ? If you're on GNU/Linux and have Abiword installed, you're in luck!

abiword --to=rtf *.doc
Other formats Abiword can convert to:
abw, zabw, rtf, txt, utf8, html
as well as others depending on available filters.

For example, the following command would convert all RTF files to ODT (OpenOffice format):
abiword --to=odt *.rtf
Or, convert from DOC to ODT (Word to OpenOffice):
abiword --to=odt *.doc
Convert PDF to DOC (formatting won't be great, though)
abiword --to=doc *.pdf
Converting lots of documents has never been so easy!

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John Johnston said…
on OSX the commandline textutil does the same sort of thing:
for example:
textutil -convert rtf *.doc
converts .docs to rtf
can usetxt, rtf, rtfd, html, doc, docx, odt, wordml, or webarchive too.
Miguel Guhlin said…
@John - Thanks for the tip on OS X!! Great way of accomplishing that. I hope you don't mind me "comment hoisting" your info here.

With appreciation,
Miguel Guhlin
Anonymous said…
abiword --to=doc *.rtf

pictures embedded in .rtf do not survive. All converted files have pictures replaced by "Read Error" label.

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