What Type of Server Is Your District Using?

Some time ago, Jeremy Fluhmann, free open source software advocate and technology director in Texas schools, shared the following:

Just wanted to share this article - http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2010/09/linux_in_schools.php

I know several of us out there are running Linux servers, as well as Linux desktops within our schools. I've been curious about who all of us are. I'm trying to figure out the best way to capture this so that I can map it out. If you feel like it, please consider taking a two question survey - http://bit.ly/cxw0PO I'll compile the non-scientific results and post a pie chart.

Today, he announced the results:

Just to share with everyone, here's a bar graph and percentage breakdown of desktop operating systems supported by the survey respondents.

Windows XP - 94%
Windows 7 - 61%
Ubuntu Linux - 28%
Mac OSX - 44%
Other - 6%

Thank you to those that took survey!

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