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Wes Fryer ( is looking for a free open source discussion forum to complement his Wordpress blog installation.
I'm thinking a good 'ole text-based forum might be good for my purpose and goals. I'd like to provide an interactive venue where people can offer feedback and discuss ideas raised in the posts / book. I could open commenting on the original posts, but comments there wouldn't be threaded, organized and amplified the way they could be in a separate forum. phpBB is the best option I know of for this. I love the fact that it is open source. Are you aware of other or better options? 

Here are 3 that I googled and will try out later this week as alternatives to phpBB (which I wasn't pleased with):
  1. miniBB -
    (you can check out some of the example forums...)
  2. myBB -
  3. Unclassfied Newsboard -
    This one is used by the Dokuwiki folks for their forum.
And a few more others have suggested:
    Whether these are easier to use than phpBB--that is, you can use a HTML editor instead of BB markup code--is another question. I haven't tried them but intend to over this week for fun.

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    nitros35 said…
    What are you planning on using this forum for? We are currently developing a collaborative microblog that may be able to fulfill your needs. It's basically a communication/collaboration tool that allows you to do many of the things that you can do with forums, blogs, and wikis, but it would be all-in-one. We currently have select teachers and schools pilot testing it and we are looking for more teachers who are passionate about integrating new technologies into classrooms. If you would be interested I would love to tell you more.

    You can contact me at davidwu[at]


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