Top 10 Android Apps

Although I have a few android apps listed online here, I thought folks just starting out with an Android phone might appreciate the top 10 apps I use.

Top 10 Picks
Due to the number of Android Apps on this page, here are my top 10 apps from all categories...they are the ones I couldn't live without and use every day:

  1. GoogleVoice - make long-distance calls but only get charged for a local call, as well as get SMS of audio calls placed to your Voice number.
  2. Movies - check out the latest movie times.
  3. HandCent - text messaging replacement. simply great and includes text to speech, which is handy when you can't text easily.
  4. Pluroid for Plurk access and/or Twidroid for Twitter access with AnyPost for
  5. PDAnet - tether your Android phone (eat your heart out iPhone users)
  6. MixZing Music/Video Player
  7. Dolphin Browser - a robust web browser. Works great. Beats Opera and the native browser.
  8. Battery Widget - easily see what your battery life is.
  9. EStrongs File Manager with Task Manager - Manage your SD card, move/edit/delete files on it, and with Task Manager, shut down unruly memory apps with a single tap.
  10. Mount USB - mount your phone's SD card as a USB drive and store stuff there. Works great.

What would your top 10 picks be? Remember, a more complete list is available online here.

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