Start that Phone Call Using Your Chrome Browser and Google Voice

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I were booking a flight somewhere (sshh) far away. When it came time to make a phone call to the hotel where I'd be staying, I said, "Watch this...I can make a long-distance call to far away via GoogleVoice, have the call be a LOCAL call which costs less money, AND have the call start off in my browser but connect to my phone."

Of course, my wife's mouth dropped open and the incomprehensible look appeared. I'm accustomed to that...I'm a technology professional, after all. Making the incomprehensible, understandable is what I do, every day.

So, I opened up by Chrome browser and clicked in the top right corner

and pasted in the phone sort of looked like this:

The call started via my browser, but then continued connecting to my Android phone. Pretty doggone awesome.

Of course, you don't have to start out that way. You can also start out from your Google Search Results:

Regardless, the call is connected and you're on the phone. How do you accomplish this? Well, you need the following:

1) Google Chrome browser

2) Call with Google Voice Extension 

It enables you to do this:

It enables you to do this:


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BrianJohnWeaver said…
absolutely love this. i do more than 50% of my texting through the extension and a lot of my calling by just clicking the number in my browser and having it ring the closest phone to me.
Allanah King said…
Only in USA though- we wait in line- I am already in a queue for an iPad (haven't even seen one yet), an iPhone 4 and now Google Voice.

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