Speed Test on PDAnet (Android Phone)

In a pinch, Android phone users can connect their computer to their phone using a USB cable and by running a program called PDAnet. In a pinch, PDAnet can have you back up and running, even when the Internet stinks where you are at...like tonight, when I'm at home, working on a project and the Internet from Time-Warner Cable has intermittently failed. Sigh.

That said, I hooked up PDAnet and voila, I'm back online. Here are the speed test results from Internet Frog:

Given that this is running off my Motorola Cliq phone, this is just great!! And you know what they say...some connection beats NO connection.

You listening, Time-Warner Cable?

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SteveE said…
I love my Droid and PDANet. I paid for a premium edition (includes https) and haven't looked back. I'm writing this from the Interstate in Oklahoma, on a road trip from New Mexico to Michigan and back. With my Prius, inverter, laptop, Verizon and Droid, I have been connected almost the whole way. Plus it's faster than the average hotel connection. It's the closest I've been to a ubiquitous connection.
Chatham Gardens said…
serious. you guys get that slow of a connection. i average between 3 -4 mbps with pdanet on mytouch slide tmobile. its almost the same as my home service. just becarefull not to exceed your bandwith usage or else it slows down to .06 - .09mbps tmobile lets you use 10gigs i hear everyone else is 5gigs use the 3g watchdog app to be safe. i blew through mine before knowing in the first week the rest of the month was painful. too much crackle.com i guess

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