PDAnet to the Rescue Again or TimeWarner=FAIL

For the third time (maybe I should start a log), TimeWarner cable has failed again. Failed at what? Providing a steady Internet connection. Unbelievably, it's about 12:00 noon and my internet connection has failed with only two devices connected. Thankfully, PDAnet ($18) and my Android phone with Tmobile have saved me again.


This has made me consider dumping TimeWarner Cable altogether in favor of a DirectTV and Clear mobile internet option. It's an option that a colleague suggested when I noticed she had a Clear USB mobile internet connection. Her Internet was faster than mine, and it was unencumbered by specific content filtering perspectives.

Of course, it will be awhile before I can make a change, but it's fun to imagine better service for Internet.

For the TV, I don't care about it as much...who watches TV much anymore? That said, other family members might not appreciate it so it forces me to consider Direct TV.

Here's how I broke out the info:

Highlights of DirectTV:
150 tv channels + HBO
1 DVR (record movies)
3 Standard boxes (to hook up other television sets)
Free installation
TOTAL: $76.98 monthly for first 6 monts with $99 checkout fee (one time)

Highlights of Clear Mobile Internet:
Mobile Connections for 5 devices (all laptops,phones up to 5)
1 mobile internet device
TOTAL: $65.95 monthly with $36.21 checkout fee (one time)

Total Monthly for both: $142.94

Benefits over TimeWarner Cable:
Mobile Internet for Miguel
Reliable internet connection
More TV channels and 6 HBO Channels
Small Satellite Dish installed on roof

Would you be convinced by this marketing plan if you were in my family? 

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Kim Caise said…
Miguel, I definitely would not switch to satellite for TV or Internet service. I had Dish service for awhile and hated it. Whenever it rained, TV shows went out. In one month, and I forgot which one, when the satellite rotates in the atmosphere, somehow the signals are blocked to the Earth and you the TV signal for several hours at a time. Don't believe the sales people when they say you will not lose your signal when it rains. The low monthly fee isn't worth the hassle. I didn't have satellite internet service as it was cost prohibitive at the time but the same issues apply regarding the loss of signal due to the rotational path of the satellite and weather patterns.
Miguel Guhlin said…
@Kim really? What a disappointment. I was hoping it would be a viable alternative. I may have to drop my Internet service through TimeWarner and switch to Clear.

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