Google-Moodle Integration Question and Response (Updated)

Earlier this week, I received a question from someone in Arizona regarding Google-Moodle Integration. While I didn't know the answer, I did know who to ask the following question:
We are thinking of integrating Google Apps with Moodle for a charter school we are starting in Arizona.  We need to have logs of all communication taking place.  Are there accessible logs generated from the messages send through Gmail when it is integrated with Moodle?
Rusty Meyners (Eustace ISD, Tx) was kind enough to reply, along with one other response from the Google Certified Teachers (GCT) list:
Couldn't swear but almost certain that Moodle will have no logs of Google communications. There might be a little variation in exactly what Moodle-Google Integration means in your enterprise but as far as I'm aware, Moodle will only log the act of accessing the links in the Google Block and of course the authentication but even then I'm not sure you can tell if the login authentication was called by Google Access or not. Once you are actually into Google Docs, activity there is not logged by Moodle.
AND as far as I'm aware, there are no Admin accessible logs kept by Google Apps (or GMail) either.
HOWEVER; with Single Sign-On Moodle-Google Integration, it is possible for the Moodle Admin (or anyone with Login-As privilege) to "Login-As" a given user and access their Documents and (I assume) GMail (we don't use it).
YOUR SOLUTION, should you decide to go Google or Moodle-Google, is to purchase the Postini services that includes Archiving (they call it something else - Message Indexing?). There may be other archiving solutions besides their Postini but Archiving is required by law now anyway.
AS FOR CHAT LOGGING, not sure Google provides for this but you can keep it disabled and only allow Moodle Chat which has very good and searchable logging.
Another response came from GCT, Darren Murphy:
We have Google Apps integrated with Moodle. From my understanding you cannot access logs of Gmail messages in Google Apps and Moodle, but you could use a third party paid add on such as Gaggle net.
Which makes me wonder, what if you had Postini's archiving feature turned on (listen to this podcast for info about cost for archivingPostini is available at a flat rate of $11 per user, about a $60 discount from Enterprise costs))? Wouldn't that cover it?

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