Sidestepping the Rules in Beijing

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A colleague at work called me up today, asking for guidance on how to best access the Internet in China. Not having been to China (hint to anyone who'd like to foot the bill), I scrambled while I had him on the phone to provide him with some solutions.

Fortunately, I recalled Wes Fryer's travails in China and googled that. Some of the solutions that came up--which will surely get this blog banned by school districts, so enjoy it while you can--included the following:

Virtual Private Network
Important for protecting logins and passwords you enter in while using public WiFi hotspots (not a bad thing to do anywhere you happen to be with "sniffers" out there ready to grab your info):

Accessing Content

Another interesting approach is using decimal number versions of IP Addresses and you can use one of the sites below to encode a URL (web address) to a decimal number (here's how to decode them).

Step 1 - Convert a domain name ( for example) to IP Address - DO IT HERE

Step 2 - Take the IP Address provided in Step 1 and Convert it to Decimal - DO IT HERE

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Julie Lindsay said…
Hi Miguel, love the TShirt!
OK, coming from the wilds of Beijing I can inform you that most/all of the FREE VPN services do not work consistently. I have given up in my classroom trying t find ways for students to connect to blocked sites using free tools. Therefore, if you are serious about getting through the great firewall you need to pay money for a service such as Witopia or Skydur (these are the 2 we have success with at Beijing (BISS) International School.
Update on what is blocked and what is not.....
Blocked=, bloglines, VoiceThread,uStream, Twitter, FaceBook
Not blocked: Ning (again), Flickr, Skype
Would love to see you in Beijing! Maybe one day.....

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