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At lunch today, I had a chance to sit and chat with someone who has been visiting Honduras for humanitarian work--essentially, digging trenches, running hoses from water sources to faucets near the homes of villagers. He wanted my opinion on a video he had made, essentially a photo slideshow with copyrighted music on it.

Part of our conversation hinged around a variety of Mac related questions and audio recording issues, including the following:

  1. Digital Audio Recorder Recommendation
  2. External USB Microphone
  3. Speck See Through Cover for Macbook
  4. Marware Wrist and keyboard protection
  5. Podcast Safe Music Sources

1-Digital Audio Recorder
Looking for an inexpensive audio recorder you can carry in your pocket while climbing the hills of Honduras? Check out the $56.08 Olympus WS-400 -
You could also add this noise cancelling microphone for the Olympus for $16 - link

2-External USB Microphone
Get the Logitech external USB great for easy stuff, although you can spend lots of money on microphones. 

3-Speck See Through Cover for Macbook
You can get a see-through clear protection for your Macbook, which has worked great for us. (highly recommended)

4-Marware Wrist/Keyboard Protection
Find comparison pricing for wrist/keyboard protection (highly recommended)

5-Podcast Safe Music
Here are some safe podcast music safe sites (that means they can be re-used, usually provided credit is given to the author):

  1. CC Mixter
  2. Creative Commons
  3. Garageband - Be sure to read the terms, especially Option 4
  4. Jamendo
  5. LoopSound
  6. Magnatune
  7. RoyaltyFree Classical Music

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