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One of the common obstacles--although not a significant one--that some school districts have shared in moving to cloud computing, especially GoogleApps for Education for email, calendars, and a rich variety of other tools useful for students, teachers, and administrators is that of switching systems. After all, if you've built your house of cards in MS Exchange, it's hard to imagine making the transition. Anything Google can do to make the transition easier is important. One day, you can hope for 1-click transition from MS Exchange to GoogleApps for Education.

Recently, Google came a lot closer to achieving that with this announcement:

Businesses and schools are moving to Google Apps in droves, and they're able to switch more seamlessly with the help of tools to move old email, contacts and calendar data from legacy solutions to Google’s cloud. We have administrator-managed migration utilities for Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus Notes®, and today we're making it a lot easier for many end-users to move their old data themselves if their administrators aren’t planning server-side data migrations.

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® is a new end-user tool that moves email, calendar and contact data from Outlook® profiles, PST files and Exchange accounts to Google Apps. . .Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook® works with Microsoft Outlook® 2003 and 2007, on-premise and hosted Exchange, as well as legacy PST files saved on users’ machines, and it's available at no additional cost to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition customers.

When will YOUR district make the switch to "free" solution and re-invest precious dollars back into teaching and learning rather than maintaining a server farm, district technical staff that support it?

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Kurt Paccio said…

My District is planning the switch on July 2.
I'm only somewhat nervous now. I would guess that about 70% of our email traffic is internal (staff to staff). It's nearly instant.

Google Apps is, well, a web-based app and there's a sluggish feel compared to an email server on your own LAN.

I understand the long term benefits. It's just that our users are used to a very consistent, fast, reliable system.

I can only hope that our users adapt and begin to find the collaborative tools worth the switch.

I have a few blog posts outlining our initiative. I hope that these can be more frequent as the date draws near.

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