Feeding Multiple Twitter Accounts into Facebook

My head of school wants to know if it's possible to have Twitter feeds from two different accounts send updates to a Facebook page and if so how this can be accomplished. If this isn't possible, is there a quick and easy way for him to switch the feeds from different accounts off and on?
Each Twitter account has what is called an RSS feed. This feed can be re-routed easily and multiple feeds posted to Facebook. Here's how you can do it:

Let's say you have 3 Twitter feeds, maybe one for your superintendent/principal, technology director, and/or Communications Director. To accomplish that, you will follow these steps:

1) Create the multiple twitter accounts. For purposes of this example, let's say they are:

2) Create a dlvr.it or ifttt.com account. These services will allow you to re-direct your content from multiple Twitter accounts to your Facebook account. You will need to know the RSS feed address for your Twitter account, which happens to be as follows:


In the example above, mguhlin is my Twitter username. For the example Twitter accounts, it might look like this:
Each of these addresses would, theoretically, generate an RSS feed that can funneled through the dlvr.it or ifttt.com account.

For example, in the case of dlvr.it, it would look something like this:

What's neat about this approach is that you can easily blend in multiple RSS feeds--say, maybe pull in twitter accounts for all teachers at your school and run them through ONE instructionally-focused Twitter or Facebook account for your school--to form ONE RSS feed for content. Using these simple techniques, you could also deliver content in a variety of ways to blogs, wikis, etc.


Here's are two possible approaches; the first one is mine, the second is Scott Floyd's. What approach would you take?

Approach #1

1) Every Twitter account has an RSS feed. Here is an example of two, where "mguhlin" and "woscholar" are twitter usernames:
You can get more detailed results by customizing your search.twitter.com query.

2) You can "feed" the RSS feeds for each Twitter account through a third party provider RSS remixer--such as RSSMix.com, which is free. Here's the RSS feed created from the two above using RSSMix.com:
3) Take the RSS Feed provided by RSSMix.com and feed into Ping.FM as a CUSTOM URL

4) When you setup Ping.FM, set it up to to post to Facebook.

Anytime you tweet something from the Twitter accounts you are responsible for, the information will be shared by Ping.FM to Facebook. The benefit is that your user only has to tweet once and you can aggregate multiple twitter accounts into one feed that is shared via Facebook.

Hoping that is helpful and not too confusing,
Miguel Guhlin

Approach #2

Scott Floyd's approach:
I bet you can do that in Tweetdeck. You can assign each Twitter account a Facebook account to update concurrently. Tweetdeck also allows you to post to more than one Twitter account at a time. I do not use Facebook (oh the horror!), so I have not tested it. In theory, it should work just fine since each Twitter account would not care which Facebook account you are publishing to. 
What would you do?

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Scott said…
Tweetdeck would work just fine except for those instances when you're on the go and need to post something mobile (unless you've got at iPhone, of course).

There is another option that we're currently working with in our district and that is using tumblr.

You can have tumblr import from multiple twitter feeds and then have tumblr post directly to facebook. You can also do it the other way around - have tumblr pull other RSS feeds in (or just post directly to tumblr) and post to twitter. The nice thing about that is that you're not limited to 140 characters because tumblr will truncate the post and add a link to the tumblr post. Since you can post to tumblr easily if you're mobile, we've been using it for cancellations which then get posted to our twitter account (and eventually a facebook page, when we get it set up).
Paul Bogush said…
I know this post is a bit old, but it comes up on the second search page of google when trying to solve this problem. Here is what I ended up doing...
Took my twitter urls and put them into http://feedvalidator.org/ That site "fixes" them and then took the new urls and popped them into http://twitterfeed.com to connect them to our classes facebook page. I use tweet deck to switch between my personal and two class tweet accounts.
I'm using TweetDeck for this feature too! You can also make use of HootSuite. Works great for me. I've got several Twitter accounts: Personal, business and blog. Sometimes more when a client asks me to manage their twitter account.

@Scott: You can now have twits more than 140 characters in TweetDeck. Yay!

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