DiigoNotes - Lawmakers Propose Increase In Class Size

    • Lawmakers Propose Increase In Class Size

      Northside ISD Gives Proposal Poor Review


      POSTED: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
      UPDATED: 7:40 pm CDT May 11, 2010
    • Facing an $11 million deficit, state lawmakers are looking for ways to fill the gaps in the state budget.


      One idea being kicked around calls for increasing class sizes at public schools
    • While studies have shown that smaller class sizes translate into better student performance, state lawmakers are considering a bill that would lift the cap on elementary class sizes.
    • The state currently limits kindergarten through fourth-grade classes to 22 students with one teacher.
    • Gonzales said NISD is opposed to any increase in class sizes at the elementary level because it will negatively impact a student's ability to learn.
    • "Smaller classrooms at the elementary level are the best way for teachers to teach and for students to learn," Gonzales said.
    • Teachers like Elizabeth Mertz urge parents to speak up on this issue.


      "If you want the best education for a child, then you need to have a lower student population," Mertz said.

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