Windows 7 Starter Edition - Changing Wallpaper

My son came to me with a simple request--change the desktop wallpaper on his Acer Aspire One netbook. No problem, I thought. A few hours later, I was still unsuccessfully trying and considering UbuntuLinux installation on it...but he said, "No, Dad, I want Windows." Ah, the things we do for love.

I tried a variety of solutions (including registry edits), installed various programs that promised success but NONE worked...except the last one.

Save yourself the trouble, download Stardock My Colors and use it to change your wallpaper. I now have a happy netbook user and I didn't have to reformat his computer to UbuntuLinux or upgrade to Windows 7 whatever.

There's a catch, though...if you restart, the wallpaper resets and you have to run StarDock My Colors again to apply the new wallpaper. Sigh.

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Helen Barrett said…
Synchronicity! I just bought my daughter an Acer Aspire One netbook and she asked the same exact question. Thanks for sharing. Saved us both a lot of time!

Helen Barrett
Miguel Guhlin said…
Helen, glad it was helpful to you!
Brian B said…
Of all the things for Micro$oft to take out of Win 7 Starter Edition, but changing desktop wallpaper??

Wow, they have stooped to a new low.

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