Remote Control/Access of Computers (Updated 04/27/2010)

Someone recently asked, "Is there a way for me to remote to my apple computer at work from my apple computer at home?  Apple is new to me so I'm learning."

In response to this, someone suggested using either Apple Remote Desktop or (be sure to check out the FREE personal use version)

Visit TeamViewer Online

Responsible for working with servers and management over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with various technologies that allow you to control computers remotely. For example:

  1. PC Anywhere - I started using this for some project or another when I first got into consulting for a large university. I was amazed at how easy it was to control other computers remotely.  This was WAY back in my career...maybe even pre-dated my jump into computers in education. In fact, I remember using a modem to remotely control computers. Wow.
  2. Timbuktu Pro - Started using this to control Macs remotely from any platform. Worked OK for awhile.
  3. VNC - Ah, who doesn't remember this free application that is cross-platform and works...I used this to manage many of the servers in my care early on, eventually also using TightVNC and then giving them both up for...
  4. Famatech RemoteAdmin - This is a program I still use today for remote control of servers, and I know one district that uses it to provide remote HelpDesk support. 
This past Friday, a colleague shared with me that Go2Meeting was now free or something. While I haven't verified that claim, I did run across the product at the top of this blog post--TeamViewer--which is free, cross-platform and doesn't require software installation...and boasts being able to bypass the "tightest firewalls."

Certainly something that can be used in schools today? How long before it gets blocked? 8->

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