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Welcome to another Around the Corner Podcast! This is your host Miguel Guhlin and today is Tuesday, April 13, 2010. If you have been reading my blog lately, you've probably been aware about my recent focus on writing and writing workshop. Much of that rumination came about as colleague Diana Benner and I prepared for a presentation at the Heart of Texas Writing Project and Central Texas Writing Project Conference taking place in April of 2010.

This past Saturday, April 10th to be exact, I had the opportunity to attend a session facilitated by Taylor Gill, a Spanish teacher from Austin ISD. Since Taylor, Diana Benner and I were sharing the same 2-hour time slot, we had to make a decision about who would get to go first. I must confess that I felt a bit intimidated to be presenting after Taylor since the first words out of his mouth were, "Do you know about Devolver.com?" when I asked him about his session. Fortunately, he took pity on us and allowed us to go first!!

Taylor had this wonderful habit of coming up with quotable quotes. . .he was responsible for two that I blogged about when reflecting on the Conference.

Taylor made some wonderful points during his presentation, as well as engaged us all with hands-on pieces using tools that enhance writing. The title of his session was "Let Them Create!: Digital Literacy and the New Bloom's Taxonomy."  He asks two questions, 1) "How does technology influence our student learning?" and 2) How do we adapt our instruction to the world of the digital native?" The full description for his session was:

Participants will leave workshop with digital tools, planning strategies, and resources which they can put to work immediately in the classroom. Digital Immigrant teachers will understand more about their Digital Native Students.

I hope you'll stay tuned for Taylor's presentation as well as drop in and read Around the Corner at http://mguhlin.org!

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Below is the Dvolver.com movie that Taylor created during the presentation:

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