Palm for Sale and Tech in Texas

When you embrace an obsolete technology as your platform, as some reading handheld assessment companies did last year, announcements like the one that Palm is putting itself up for sale should not come as a shock:
April 12 (Bloomberg) -- Palm Inc., creator of the Pre smartphone, put itself up for sale and is seeking bids for the company as early as this week, according to three people familiar with the situation.
But, this news may come as a shock to school districts who haven't made other plans and want to continue buying Palm handhelds, hanging on to yesterday's technology so they don't have to "plunk down" funds on more modern tech in the midst of education declaring financial exigency.

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Consider this point from
Based on budget information for the current year (9/10) filed with TEA, 50% of the school districts in Texas adopted deficit budgets. This was the gist of Gwen Santiago’s (Executive Director of Texas Association of School Business Officials) testimony to the Select Committee on School Finance and, in my opinion, one of the most powerful points made. I recognize that not all of these districts are experiencing financial difficulty.  Some have saved money for special projects and are utilizing those funds (meant for a one-time occurrence) to help meet their current budget needs.  However, I see this as an ominous red flag. 
Ask yourself what you would do if you were in a district with a few hundred or thousand Palm handhelds that had to be replaced with another technology than what you had because they were now obsolete. That in the midst of a time when 50% of school districts in Texas have adopted deficit budgets.

It's a no-brainer, isn't it?

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