Meeting Wallwisher

I've never used, but found out that one of the teachers in my District was using it. This was a fascinating tool to use. Of course, now that I'm sensitized to it, I'm stumbling across other sites that have mentioned it...and it probably doesn't hurt I'm reading my RSS feeds again.

Free Technology for Teachers shares the following:
Yesterday, I shared the story of how I used Wallwisher in my special education classroom. That post generated a lot of views and comments (both on Twitter and in the blog comments). This morning, through Steven Anderson I learned that Tom Barrett has a slideshow about Wallwisher in his Interesting Ways Series.
How are you using this versatile tool? By the way, you can see how Wallwisher was used in this presentation for enhancing Technology Applications:TEKS online course facilitation created by Molly Valdez:

View the complete slide show, entitled "8 Tips for Success Online Course Facilitation"

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J**** W*i said…
Oh... I get to know the website 'Wallwisher' by my form teacher. I thought that was cool,and it really was! :)
The website was just like real life... We have the post-it note and we paste it on the notice board. :)

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