Meeting People I've Already Met

One of the most annoying things about the way my brain doesn't work is that if I've read or seen your photograph, my brain translates that into "We've met this person before, say 'Hello!'" It's darn confusing to walk up to strangers, say "Hello" like we've known each other, then realize we never have. Worse, my brain seems to work just the opposite with people I have met, but can't remember. So, I'll be one of those folks staring at someone thinking, "Uh, did we meet before?" To which they reply, "Yes, but you probably don't remember me" and I end up feeling like a heel for forgetting them. But given time and retelling of stories, my brain catches on.

So, when I walked up to Kevin Honeycutt at TCEA TEC-SIG, I felt like we'd already met through blog posts, his podcast, Wes Fryer's stories, etc. only to find out we hadn't actually met face to face. Sad to say, I was getting him mixed up with someone I met at ISTE/NECC Conference in San Antonio...and no, I don't remember that person's name. Heck!

Anyways, Kevin was kind enough to snap a picture with me....

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kevinessdack said…
I felt like we'd met too. I do the same thing. I always say that it's neat to meat someone in person who's mind you've known for some time. It was cool finally meeting RL!

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