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While certainly not "new" information to share, I had fun exploring GoogleDrawing for a bit today. Some of my first questions/impressions appear below:

Nice job, Google, on the Drawing piece. This will do 95% of the kind of drawing stuff I do and encourage others to do! Some questions that arose in my head as I reviewed it that in no way take away from the positive impression:

  1. Google Image Search works via GoogleDrawing in GoogleDocs.
  2. Need for Creative Commons Copyright Search in that Image Search
  3. Need for Citation Machine type tool in Image Search
One item that may arise as a concern...does GoogleImage Search show up in GoogleApps for Education? In some districts, Google Image search is blocked. Is this something that can be turned on or off at will by administrators? I also notice that I only saw one set of results, not endless pages of content. It makes me wonder if more content will be available?

The first message reads as follows: "Results shown are labelled for commercial reuse with modification." I wonder if this is something that could be modified in the know, to find "ShareAlike-Attribution" content under Creative Commons Copyright, similar to a search done at

The second message advises one to "Only select images that you have confirmed you can use legally in your intended context, including with appropriate attribution if necessary." Would it be possible to select a formatting style for images (MLA,APA) and have a reference page added to the GoogleDrawing?

That said, I love the addition and look forward to using it with others!!

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Marco said…
If you want to find your own photos by drawing or by another photo, there's Sepham Search By Drawing (

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