ESC Adopts GoogleApps?

There's a rumor going around that a regional education service center--yes, I've heard which one--in Texas has adopted GoogleApps for Education. While it's not fun to repeat rumors, I am seeking confirmation from someone in the Texas Education Service Center to find out if, yes indeed, they have decided to make the transition from GroupWise to GoogleApps for Education.

In my experience, Education Service Centers are pretty close-mouthed about these kinds of changes. Yet, after having seen many districts, not to mention the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA), make the transition, I'm thrilled that an ESC is embracing GoogleApps for Education.

It's a clear reminder that ESCs need to find ways to save money and spend that funding where it will do the most good. Sending that money to a vendor isn't necessarily the best approach.

UPDATE: A source at the Education Service Center, Region 20 has confirmed that they are adopting GoogleApps for Education. A second source is also reporting that ESC-20 has embraced GoogleApps. Kudos to them for beginning that transition and investigating it! Unfortunately, I do not have any more details than that.

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