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Fascinating list of examples about Twitter usage. Thanks for sharing @technolibrary
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    • Steven Wilbanks

      19 Apr. 2010

    • Twitter: Twerrible or Twerrific?
    • The Internet service called “Twitter” is a real-time networking tool to connect to anyone in the world instantly.  Users publish 140-character “tweets” which are short messages that answer the question Twitter asks you, “What’s happening?”  To find out what’s happening to others, users “follow” their friends and family, or their favorite celebrities, to subscribe to their tweets.  So each user has a list of people they are following and a group of people that are their followers. 
    • people can easily stay in touch with everyone they know, literally by giving them updates of what they are doing.  Beyond that, it offers a way to ask friends for advice or suggestions quickly and efficiently.  It provides an instant feed of what is going on around the world.  Now when breaking news happens, Twitter users are the first to share and to discuss it (Brogan).  When the earthquake in Haiti first happened, users were able to follow along live on the situation as people in the crisis area and nearby shared experiences.  Of course, one could always use Twitter like Erykah Badu did.  Searching for the rights to a Paul McCartney song, through a string of connections on Twitter, Erykah was eventually able to contact McCartney who cleared the use of the song (Anderson).
    • Twitter claims that users can not retweet a protected tweet (Twitter.com).  While this is true, if a user is accessing Twitter through a third-party application such as a mobile phone, then this no longer applies.
    • A hole existed in Twitter up to October 2009 that allowed people to access private accounts simply by Googling the username (Milian). As Twitter has grown, many of these exploits have been discovered and resolved, but there is no way to predict when, or what, the next issue could be.
    • users have no control over what others post about them
    • A different angle to think about is that hackers could access someone’s account and all posts would appear to be coming from that user. 
    • Even more prevalent is identity theft.  Usually of the famous, people will create accounts impersonating someone else.  Then any followers they can get will assume these tweets are coming from the actual person.
    • once you post it, it’s out there forever.  Whether it gets passed along by friends, or retained by databases that track tweets, it’s there somewhere.
    • A recent survey found nearly 40% of social networking users share holiday plans on sites like Facebook and Twitter” (qtd. in Dywad). Sites like Foursquare.com and Gowalla.com have partnered with Twitter to facilitate the sharing one’s exact location when tweeting on the go via mobile phone or not a home computer.  Soon after this began, a site called PleaseRobMe.com appeared which allowed a quick search to show where a Twitter user was currently and had been previously.  The site was not made to endanger victims, but to make people aware of what they were doing (Fletcher).
    • it is extremely important to think before posting a tweet.
    • privacy on the Internet really does not exist.
    • From sending letters in the mail, to transmitting a Morse code message, making a phone call, typing an email, and now using Twitter to send a public, 140-character tweet around the world in an instant, society has come a long way.
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