DiigoNotes - Need for Learning Ecologists

I've found the "title" I want to have for the next few years..."Learning Ecologist." Hmm...
      • The IT Revolution is Over; Now the Work Begins

        • By Trent Batson
        • 04/14/10
    • The dominant culture for which we educate our young has more differences than similarities compared to 100 years ago, yet the system by which we educate has changed hardly at all.
    • So much of what we are learning because of our digital augmentation of everything shows us that we have been off-the-mark in terms of such basic practices as how best to learn to write or how best to solve unstructured problems.
    • To Compete, Campuses Need a “Learning Ecology Strategist”
    • But, to successfully compete for students, a new leadership role should be considered: the learning ecology strategist.
    • The real job was for academic leaders to re-think the entire academic process on campus. Another issue arose: Tech support staff ceased to grow in number even while the number of users grew by orders of magnitude. “Thought leadership” gave way to “keeping the systems running”--zero downtime.
    • The zeitgeist of the time is change that is faster, broader, and deeper than at any time in human history in the way we learn, how we create knowledge, how we work and generate wealth, how we communicate, in how we create our self-identity, how we perceive others, how we conduct research, and on and on. Fundamental changes are occurring at a rate that makes it hard to assimilate the changes.
    • Now the work begins. Who on campus can guide the institution toward not a better business model, because that’s not the only innovation needed, but philosophically, systematically, historically, culturally, anthropologically, technologically toward a presence and awareness and new design that fits this new age that was thrust on us so abruptly?

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