Backing Up Your Google Sites

A few days ago, I had a question from a colleague in Australia:

I found a comment you made on a website regarding the question of how to backup a Google wiki site. It was in January 09. Did you ever find the answer to that question. We use Google wiki sites as internal resources and we’ve never found anyway of backing it up. Unfortunately it’s too big a beast to migrate to another solution.
Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.

It's been an incredibly busy week (and it's only Tuesday!) so I didn't have the time to do more than ask other folks for information on how to accomplish the solution requested above. Fortunately, the Google Certified Teachers' List came in handy and quickly responded with the Data Liberation Front.

You can download a Java-based tool that will allow you to export your site (as well as import).

At first, it didn't work for me, but then I tried these settings for the MoodleMayhem site.

And that worked like a charm! The problem I encountered was the domain field and knowing what to put into it. Reading the comments on the FAQ helped solve put the word "site" in there.

Here's the progress update:

And, here's what the actual data looks like...Nice job on the Navigation links down the left side:

So, great news, huh? You can now back up your Google Sites web site. I'm sure eventually Google will add this in on its own (like already does, as do others), but for now, it's great.

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Kathy said…
I had to use my domain in the domain setting to get it to download for my non-Gmail apps account.
Kathy said…
Apparently, when you look at the URL of the site. you put whatever is before the name of the site in the site field in this tool.
cindy said…
Thanks for the Tip, I need to do this!!
Coming to Texas soon, hope to get together face to face!

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