Moodle Mayhem Session at TxDLA 2010

Today, I had the opportunity to share inflict some Moodle Mayhem on folks from around Texas! While you can find all the neat stuff we--including Patricia Holub, Diana Benner, Tonya Mills, Molly Valdez and I-- shared online, I thought I'd immortalize the positive feedback!! Thanks to all the TxDLA 2010 Moodle Mayhem workshop participants!!

Title: Moodle Mayhem - Expanding Learning Opportunities in Urban Districts
The following questions were rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being 'Strongly Agree' and 1 being 'Strongly Disagree'.
The session was very useful: 5
Content was relevant and applicable to my needs: 5
The examples provided were sufficent.: 5
Appropriate media was used to illustrate the topic: 5
The program description for this session was accurate: 5
Speaker(s) was(were) knowledgeable about the topic: 5
Time was used efficiently: 5
Relevant supplemental materials were used: 5
Questions were answered appropriately: 5
This was an excellent session: 5

Sessions Strengths:
Good session, install, how to use, and learning concepts to deliver courses

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