Inspiring Idea at GTA for Admin - Scot Graden


The following was shared at the Google Teacher Academy for Administrators...Scot, Graden Superintendent for Salines Schools.


  1. In order for us to be successful with technology is to not talk about it...these are tools we're talking about but they're not the end goal.
  2. Saline Story workshop materials by Scott Garden, Superintendent
  3. Your master teacher is where pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge interact...that's the way it was. Now, we've added another circle that includes technological knowledge (check image above).
  4. We were constantly getting complaints from the tech director about full inboxes and told to empty them. We were also facing financial issues.
  5. Migrated staff to Gmail...a teacher said, "You're taking away Word." My response was, "No...not until next year."
  6. If you're going to go Google, soft roll-out is key to retain credibility. We put it out there and let staff use it. If you have something you're doing, let's start using Google.
  7. Top 10 list  - talk to superintendent to do this:
    1. Living in the cloud is like borrowing your neighbor's tools
    2. Living in the cloud is like 7-11 without the slurpees...always open and accessible from anywhere, anytime.
    3. A Las Vegas buffet...never closed and no restrictions (platform and browser agnostic)
    4. A&E's show "Hoarders" All documents are obsessively saved.
    5. A Sparty Party
    6. CBS Sports during opening weekend of March madness - live look-on
    7. A virtual Wingman...oops didn't mean to send that email, enable undo send and/or enable mail goggles to ensure that the email you just created are about to send late at night.
    8. Your mother-in-law on an unlimited visit from out of town. It's not going anywhere anytime soon-embrace it, integrate it, showcase it.

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