Innovating in a Box

Love this video and what it can teach us about technology use in schools....

YouTube Link:

One of the points made at the end of the GTAdmin has stayed with me. It's ironic that the reflection came from a fellow San Antonio, Tx participant and provides one insight into responding to the question Mark poses:

Dr. Mark Wagner asked, "If you had a 'message from the future' for the educational leaders of today, what would it be?"

In that reflection shared by a fellow participant, she alluded to this video from YouTube. The video captures the essence of what we've done with powerful technologies in schools:

My message from the future is simple - don't lock children's creativity and sense of wonder in a coffin of your fears. Instead, take advantage of the technologies you have to build a web of collaboration that is centered on maximizing empowered learning, unfettered the bad things we think MIGHT happen.

Again, it's a simple message but difficult to put into practice...let's "egg each other on..."with all the creativity that implies.

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Mark Barnes said…
I looked at your post after the video, and I felt as thought it was something I could have written.

Although I'm pleased to say that I'm not that person, I certainly know many of them, and there is nothing more frustrating to students and teachers than that fear.
Greg said…
What are the penalties? Can we pay them and move beyond the box?

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