Image Editing in PicasaWeb

As much as I like Picasa (iPhoto like software that works on all platforms instead of just one and handles large numbers of images without a hiccup), I don't use it all that much. . .I'd rather work directly with PicasaWeb and post images there.

Yet, it vexed me yesterday to upload photos from my Android phone without editing. My daughter has figured out how to do the editing on the images on my phone, but I'd rather do it on a desktop client or via the Web. I kept looking for Picnik on PicasaWeb but nothing appeared when I clicked on EDIT in PicasaWeb.

What a delight to read this piece:

This week, Picnik became the latest high-flying start-up to join the Google team. The popular photo-editing site has 17 million unique monthly visitors and traffic growth of 10% a month. Picnik simplifies the process of cropping, editing and adding special effects to photos stored on your computer or on sites such as Flickr, Picasa or Facebook. 
Read more:,8599,1969710,00.html?xid=rss-topstories-polar#ixzz0hSknQN0a

The only question for me that remains is, how long is it going to take to implement into PicasaWeb?

Ok, which image is better? Top or bottom? 

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Henry Thiele said…

I still need a copy of the photo. I'll take the touched up one please - definitely better.

Great to see you at GTAdmin!

Miguel Guhlin said…
You can find it online at

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