GoogleApps for Education - Kern Kelly Preso

Podcast of his presentation will be online later.

The following are my terrible notes on Kern's preso on GoogleApps for Education...I take responsibility for inaccuracies, etc.:
  1. His session materials are online here.
  2. Start with the classroom first. Have students be part of the process of learning. If the attitude is, "Oh no, a window came up, Come save me teacher!" Then they are always going to be doing that. If the attitude is, "We're going to figure it out!" Learning is messy....
  3. The platform to be able to do that next level of as a vehicle for learning, to have that conversation...every teacher, no matter the content/topic, do you have a problem learning tech stuff from your students? The response is "No problem, yeah sure, they know more than I do!"
  4. Bring students to presentations...when I get kids to present for other educators, it's great for them. Get this going in your district.
  5. Hardware (laptop in front of you) + Software (GoogleApps) = What happens next is magic.
  6. The difference between a GoogleApps account and a Gmail account. You have a closed system that is safe for your kids to be in, and another for others to be in. There's no perfect solution.
  7. What's the difference? In GoogleApps, in a domain, you have "total control." 
  8. Google Ed Apps Ven Diagram:
    1. Admin Control (postini), Custom domain, Video
    2. Google Account: iGoogle, Picasa, Maps, Reader, Blogger, Bookmarks, GoogleVoice, YouTube
    3. Both: Gmail, GoogleDocs, GoogleSites, Calendar, Chat, Mobile, Groups
  9. R.S.U. #19 - 3,000 students in K-12 district in Central Maine. We use GoogleApps for grades K through 8 where we transitioned in....
  10. One login for many services
  11. Sharing and collaboration: 
    1. Keep your work private.
    2. Collaborate with friends
    3. Publish for the world.
  12. Google in Education FAQ
    2. Legal FAQ
  13. If you let these limit you, you have limited your kids' growth.
  14. Is Google Reliable? (Video) Arizona State University talks about Google...
  15. Shared Chorus Assessment Directions:

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