DiigoNotes - Google Voice Helps Students Learn Spanish

    • Google Voice Helps Students Learn Spanish

      on March 1, 2010
    • At Holmdel High School in New Jersey, students speak Spanish in front of their class, but they also practice their language skills on the phone.

      This year, Spanish 2 teacher Katy Taylor wanted to find a different way to assess their progress in addition to listening to oral presentations in class. So, she asked them to call her Google Voice number and leave a message.

    • On their own time, the students read something in Spanish or create a dialogue, which could take up to 1 1/2 minute. Google Voice captures the audio and sends her an e-mail with the recording attached. Then she listens to their recordings and e-mails them feedback — and it's all free.
    • Many students are afraid to make mistakes in front of their peers, so when they do receive a recording assignment, they're more apt to take risks because they have some privacy.

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