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Converting SWFs on a Macintosh has usually been difficult. The need to do so is made clear by applications like JingProject that, in their free version, only allow one to generate a Flash SWF file, unlike the MP4 file for the $15 annual recurring fee.

While SWFs are easy to post, sometimes your favorite presentation program--Keynote, Powerpoint, OpenOffice--won't provide support for them. As a result, it's important to have some way to convert them. Thanks to a tweet from Wes Fryer regarding HIS favorite list of Mac software, I learned about Evom. Evom is described in this way:
Evom makes archiving your favourite internet videos as easy as pressing a bookmark.
While allowing you to download YouTube videos does seem like an important feature, I thought I'd drop an SWF file on top of Evom and see what it did with that (I was hoping to embed my SWF video of a teacher bragging on how Moodle transformed his life and students, too) and was pleasantly surprised.  It converted the SWF to FLV without any problem!

But will it work with a Jing generated SWF? Here goes [trying it out now]....

Nope! Unfortunately, the conversion from a Jing-generated SWF to FLV on Mac using Evom did not work. However, it did work on other SWF files I tried it on. What the differences are, I'm not sure. Perhaps it will meet your needs....

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Wesley Fryer said…
Have you tried to use MPEG streamclip to make the conversion? Not sure if it will work but it's been a good video converting Swiss army knife for me.
Miguel Guhlin said…
@Wes, yes, it won't work converting SWF to FLV or any other format. Most conversion programs won't do that conversion, which makes SWF a terrible format to record to.


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