Coming Soon - Moodle Mayhem Site and Podcast

One of the items I've been craving as a Moodle user in Texas has been a "big as Texas" community of Moodlers who are willing to share what they are learning, doing, and creating with me. Just as I want to share ideas with them, I'm hopeful they will join in. I've found that while social networking tools do provide for some contact and sharing, there many that prefer "old-fashioned" tools. C'est la vie!

To that end, in collaboration with others, the Moodle Mayhem web site has been created. The essence of the idea to bring Texas Moodlers together is as follows:
  1. A Texas-wide email group that can share ideas, problems and solutions.
  2. An open web site where folks can contribute content (e.g. themes, courses) about Moodle.
  3. A place to share what workshops you are presenting on and add your link to your materials or host those pages.
  4. A monthly podcast starting in April, 2010 that features interviews with folks on Moodle use and invites "Skype-ins."
At first, I was a bit nervous about using Google Sites/Groups/Moderator to start something going about Moodle. Some might argue, why NOT use Moodle for this if it's so great? The reason, from my perspective, is simple--as wonderful as Moodle is for facilitating courses the way I understand them, it's not as open yet (although Moodle 2.x+ promises to be so) and Moodle isn't the best tool for the job in this case.

Since I didn't see any reason to not take advantage of the tools available--Google stuff to promote Moodle innovation--the Moodle Mayhem site is almost ready to go.

Regrettably, my image editing skills are lacking and that is the only thing holding up the official launch. In the meantime, I invite you to sign up for the Moodle Mayhem Email group (it's moderated for membership).

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mebenson said…
Great idea! and a Moodle podcast? I can't wait.

Minnesota is starting a Minnesota Moodle User Group as well. We had our first monthly meeting this week and are using a Ning for sharing/learning.

Maybe your state-wide Moodle user group can be a model for us and give us some ideas!

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