Brainstorming about Technology and Writing

Are you using GoogleSites as part of your writing workshop? In brainstorming for a session Diana Benner and I are planning I explored how you could add technology to the structure of a writing workshop. I'm not sure I was successful, then I worried that maybe this was an idea that others had already done. Diana had suggested using GoogleSites wiki so I tried to focus on GoogleDocs/Sites components.

As such, here's some brainstorming and I'd love feedback--critical or otherwise--about whether the idea is new, old, makes sense, not worth the effort, etc. A few assumptions, though:
  • Ubiquitous access to technology like GoogleSites
  • The focus is on using technology to capture all elements of the writing workshop in digital format. I'm not sure if that's a worthwhile goal...certainly for minilessons, it is shares?
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  1. Writer's Workshop - Love the idea of TAG introduced here.

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Brian said…
Just an example ... but having Skype helps ... not blocked here. : )

Watch the video!
Rob Miller said…
For group sharing, couldn't the students call in to a Google Voice number and leave a recording of a poem or a paragraph that they wrote? You could then take the recordings and post them for others to hear.

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