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One of the benefits of being a blogger and part of that community is having access to the blogs of other educators who are interested in the same things you are. Although I didn't attend the Project SHARE meeting at the Education Service Center, Region 20 in San Antonio, Tx yesterday, I was able to get information about Project SHARE from Joel Adkins, CTO for Kerrville ISD from his blog--The TWAIN Blog.

This blognotes entry captures some of the points I thought were relevant in Joel's blog entry and I'm grateful to him for sharing it! If you have attended any Project SHARE meetings--no matter what region you are in--I hope you'll share the link to your notes in the comments.

    • Project Share is an online collaborative and ePortfolio system
      that TEA is putting together for teachers and students. For 2010-2011 spring through fall, districts will be provided with the opportunity to start generating teacher accounts and allowing teachers to create their portfolios. In 2011-2012, student uploads will begin and we will have a system that unites the state of Texas to a global community of collaboration and professional learning communities.

    • teachers will have the ability to create course content for their students and link to resources provided by Smithsonian, the NY Times, NASA, and PBS. They will have the ability to form public groups for students to collaborate with other students in the Project Share system or private groups for hosting their own classes. Students will have the ability to create their own ePortfolios which can be accessed by a weblink for future universities to use or allow access through Epsilen to participating universities.

    • As a professional learning community, teachers will be able to form their own groups within a school, district, region, or join the global community.

    • This summer, teachers from Science, Math, Social Studies, ELPs, and CTE (may be more, I left my notes in my car) will start receiving training when they attend state-initiated trainings on using Project Share. Account logins will be delivered via email to staff as districts upload their information to the system. Inside their trainings, they will get information on accessing Project Share and then receive information on continued staff development that will take place in Project Share itself. So that when a training event ends on the scheduled day, the Project Share site may have extended articles and discussions in the system where these teachers will continue the conversations and learning beyond the scheduled day.

    • Currently, the system is being geared toward teacher use. Student uploading will not begin until late fall of this year after teachers become familiar with the site and its use. So for all you directors out there, think about your teachers first. Keep a list of your questions about student use and focus on teacher use for the initial rollout.

    • There is a batch upload and you will all be notified on what that will entail. As a district coordinator, you will be able to assign rights to what teachers and students will be able to access in the system.

    • teachers when uploaded have the basic functions of a faculty member: they can update their portfolio, share files, and do basic communications within the limits of your district collaboration. You can give more rights to teachers who want to create course content. Some teachers may be really great at this and you are ready for them to go with it after they complete the basic ePortfolio. This assignment of rights is given to the person in your district assigned to be the District Coordinator of Project Share Accounts.

    • A teacher with the ability to create course content will be able to create a virtual classroom
      online and use the resources provided by Nasa, Smithsonian, PBS, and the NY Times in their lessons. A teacher who is not making course content will not be able to access those resources. They are built into the lesson templates of the site.

    • The system has built-in blogging tools, photo sharing, and allows for up to 5GB of space per user with uploads of only 50MB per item uploaded at a time. Again, the Coordinator of accounts can granulate these rights per user. And yes, if someone is using their account inappropriately they can be deactivated by the district manager
      of accounts. The information does not go away; they just can’t login and continue until reactivated. This deactivation is important because if a staff member leaves your district and goes elsewhere, you can deactivate them and then the new district reactivates the account. The items stored in the ePortfolio for the staff member stay with their account. No loss of items.

    • roject Epsilen’s choice of a coordinator and trainer

    • Mrs. Paula Murray

    • look at people’s profiles who are already on Epsilen by using a search engine and typing “ Region XX” and seeing what pops up.

    • this link: and it gives a basic profile view.

    • this system is for ALL LEA’s in Texas.

    • student email accounts aren’t employed by most districts so when it comes time to add students, there is that to consider. Again, teachers are the first obstacle.

    • this is funded for six years.

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