Android OS Mobile Device - Not Phone

One of the neat devices I'm looking for is device like an iPod Touch that is running Android OS. The reason I'm looking for that is that I would hope that such a device would be a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE than an iPod Touch...maybe $100-$150 for the device running Android OS.

Does such a device exist yet? Not really, but Kern Kelley suggested this one from Archos--Internet Tablet:


It's capacity is 500 gigabytes! Unfortunately, it costs approximately $500. Sigh. I'd pay $150 for an 80 gigabyte device.

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Cariann said…
I came across your blog while searching for this very thing. I want an Android OS on a device similar to the iTouch... but don't want to pay the monthly fees for a smartphone... Here is hoping that someone creates one soon... I am hoping for something in the $100- $150 range with a micro SD card slot for expansion...

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