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Thanks to a tweet from Kathy Schrock, I became aware of the Haleron $199 mobile device/tablet that runs on Android OS! Find out more at their web site. That is priced pretty close to my desired point...

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You can get more details at this link. Some of the ones that jump out at me:
  • 7-inch TFT LCD touchscreen display
  • 800×400 pixel resolution
  • 600 mhz CPU
  • includes 128MB DDR2 RAM, 
  • wired 10/100M Ethernet, 
  • wireless 802.11B/G connectivity
  • 2GB of on board flash memory but this can be augmented further with flash cards (up to 32GB) and a USB drive (up to 250GB)
  • 1 SD port, 2 USB ports, 
  • a stereo out as well as a microphone in port
  • Support for the major file formats (AVI, Motion JPEG/Video MP3/Audio, ePub, text, eBook formats, Microsoft Office)

Hmm...the iPad lacks a microphone, right?

So...anyone have a list of EDUCATION-focused Android apps yet?

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Paul Alex said…
Miguel...have you seen this:

hmmm...its a shame.

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