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Source: Nate's Blog

As an Android phone user, one of the questions I had about using GoogleVoice was this:
In a family plan, is there a fee or charge to the carrier for using GoogleVoice when calling other local area code numbers?
Here's the response Nathan Schloss shared and I have found it to be accurate after a month of experimentation:

The carrier fee for using google voice is whatever fee you would be charged for calling your specific google voice number. For example if you live in area code 310 and your google voice number is 310-555-9599 and you use google voice to call area code 530 then your carrier would treat this call as a local call, but if your google voice number is 202-555-9599 and you use it to call a 310 number then even though you live in 310 your carrier would treat this call as a long distance call because your google voice number is long distance.

Source: Nate's Blog - Comments on Setting Up Google Voice on Android-G1 (works on my Android phone, too!

Nate has a great blog entry walking you through on how to setup GoogleVoice on Android:
This guide will walk you through the setup process for a normal google voice user and will also walk you through setting up your phone to use google voice for voicemail only.
I heartily recommend using GoogleVoice based on my experiences and following Nate's guide on setup.

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